Weight gain prednisone steroids

Hey all. 24 year old male, diagnosed with CD going on 5 years. In the past year and a half I've been on prednisone 4 times at 40MG for 2 weeks then taper off. I've gained some weight specifically around my neck/jaws and my abdomen; round face, etc. This time I've noticed that my weight gain has been a little more considerable compared to previous treatments on Pred. I guess you could say that's a wake up call for me to try and lose it. It's really defeating when my pants don't fit around my waist like they used to. I joined a weight management group within my department at work, but I guess I don't really know where to start. Any and all help is appreciated. (Exercises, food to eat, portions, etc)

Yep, I concur with much I have read in these reviews. Suffered badly with . for 6 or 7 years, wouldn't touch steroids, heard bad things about them. About 8 years ago I tried them due to feet swelling up double size. Worked instantly, virtually no side effects except for a feeling of extreme well-being! Nowadays I go on 40mg one day, 35mg, then 30, 25 etc . an 8 day course. Works mostly, but these days it really messes with my head. I'm also on Ibuprofen most of the time. Having said that I'm on the SCD at the moment and many . symptons gone but this diet is really messing with my head!!! Overall it's been very positive in helping me live a normal life.

Weight gain prednisone steroids

weight gain prednisone steroids


weight gain prednisone steroidsweight gain prednisone steroidsweight gain prednisone steroidsweight gain prednisone steroidsweight gain prednisone steroids