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Because pain in the hip joint is usually a gradual development, its cause has been diagnosed in most cases by the time the patient is ready to consider hip replacement surgery. The doctor will have taken a careful medical In a hip replacement, the upper leg bone, or femur, is separated from the hip socket, and the damaged head is removed (A). A reamer is used to prepare the socket for the prosthesis (B). A file is used to create a tunnel in the femur for the prosthesis (C). The hip and socket prostheses are cemented in place (D), and finally connected (E). ( Illustration by Argosy. )

and employment history in order to determine the most likely cause of the pain and whether the patient's job may be a factor. The doctor will also ask about a family history of osteoarthritis as well as other disorders known to run in families. The patient will be asked about injuries, falls, or other accidents that may have affected the hip joint; and about his or her use of alcohol and prescription medications—particularly steroids, which can cause avascular necrosis.

Steroids test kit

steroids test kit


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