Steroids shot for hives

I just started having hives two nights ago. I thought it was due to mozzie bites. There were hives on the front of my knees and hips. I took a Clarityne and they were gone in several hours. Then again last night, after using all the anti-mosquito repellants possible (air vaporisor, anti-mozzie patches, air conditioning), it happened again, except worse, including my upper arms. So I took another Clarityne and fell to sleep, only to wake with no hives. I think it’s the most recent body wash I’ve started to use, I’ll try to eliminate that and see if it helps. I will also note that I am asthmatic, which means I’m an allergic person. I’ll keep you posted on my recovery (if it comes!)

Todd, Thank you for responding. I wanted to send pictures of my sons hives in full force because if there is someone else out there searching like I did for similarities of their rash. They were similar to yours but more curved, circular in some areas. It seemed as though he had snakes and worms under his skin!
I also remember that he had gone to summer camp for 1 week around that time as well. I think he may have come home with ring worm. His skin seems like it always has hives but not red, not itchy, just not the same as before. Thanks, Heather

Steroids shot for hives

steroids shot for hives


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