Steroid injection feeling sick

I'm sorry you're going through it. It's also discouraging when dr's don't admit it's the actual steroid causing the symptoms. The cortisone didn't "set off" symptoms --it created the symptoms. I would resent being told to see a psychiatrist because these are well documented side effects of cortisone injections. It does feel like forever. I remember crying to my husband saying "what if it never goes away." and he would reassure me it would. And it did. It just took several weeks. But I will say the beginning is the worst so keep that in mind--you'll only get better from here. LIttle by little. I think they need to explain the risks before giving the injection. I was never told any of these could happen. I was told it could cause atrophy at the injection site. I even asked if there were systemic side effects and the Dr. said no, it stays in the injection site. What a lie. Hope you feel better soon.

High dosages of oral corticosteroids taken daily for prolonged periods of time can have serious systemic side effects including bone loss ( osteoporosis), increased risk of infections and diabetes and cataracts, thinning of skin, stretch marks, increased facial/body hair growth, acne, fluid retention, weight gain with redistribution of fat (fat deposits on back and face, thinning of limbs), muscle weakness, decreased resistance to infections, stomach ulcers, mood swings, insomnia, suppression of the body's own production of cortisol, etc.

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Steroid injection feeling sick

steroid injection feeling sick


steroid injection feeling sicksteroid injection feeling sicksteroid injection feeling sicksteroid injection feeling sicksteroid injection feeling sick