Steroid delt injection

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Hi ! I’m 16 years old and about a year ago I started noticing discomfort in my lower back , but it has gradually gotten worse to where i can not sleep at night. I never participated in any reckless sports that would damage my back, and i have never been in any accident , but when I was 13 I started lifting heavy objects and furniture in my room to rearrange it. I done this all by myself , with no adult help. I still do so now, but have not done it in awhile because I’m experiencing pain. My pain worsens especially at night when i lay down. I constantly toss an turn in bed because I can’t stay in a certain position for a long time. Sometimes walking helps but i can not stay sitted for a long amount of time either. My first step to end this pain was going to a chiropractor. Unfortunately , nothing they did helped. They had me do muscle stimulation and I noticed that it helped a little bit but within 20 minutes , it was back to my usual pain. I decided to go to my doctor and she started prescribing me anti-inflammatory pills ( Naproxen , Methocaramol , Meloxicam ) just to name a few. None of them has done me any good. My doctor scheduled me to have a non-contrast MRI scan of my lower back and it came back “normal” for my age . I was so confused and upset that nothing showed up. I thought the MRI would show what was wrong. I do believe that the MRI might have missed something because me not being able to sleep and not being able to lay in a certain position for a few minutes does not sound normal to me. My doctor thinks I have an inflammatory problem in my back, but that leads me to ask , why are the anti-inflammatory pills she has prescribed me not targeting my pain?. I am scheduled to see a physical therapist next week for further examination but from former friendsof mine that have had lower back pain explained to me that physical therapy will just worsen my pain and bring more discomfort. II’m quite young to have these problems in my low back , and I’m just so confused about what could be causing this pain if my MRI came out normal and none of the pills I have been taking are working. My pain seems like it is still gradually getting worse. I’m starting to experience radiating pain down my legs. Mostly in my calfs and foot. It is also mostly my right leg but sometimes it is both. I shouldn’t be experiencing this at my age and I’m worried that my doctor wants to think its an inflammatory problem when it may not be the case. As you can see , I’m just so confused with everything.

Hi Mike,
Although I’ve been following your work for months, this is the first time I comment to ask you a question about your progressive overload method.
I’ve been stuck with the same weight in side lateral dumbbell raises for a while. I can perform the exercise with perfect form with 10kg (20lb) dumbbells for 10 or more reps. However, when I go up to 12,5kg (25lb) dumbbells I cannot get any rep with good form. Using momentum I am able to go to 7-8 reps at 25lb, but I can’t get any of them with good form.

Steroid delt injection

steroid delt injection


steroid delt injectionsteroid delt injectionsteroid delt injectionsteroid delt injectionsteroid delt injection