Steroid cream foreskin toddler

I need your help. I have been so worried for my son. He was 7 months when I took him to his 6 month check up. The Dr. asked me if I cleaned him up at every shower. I said yes, just the norm. She says no you have to pull down and clean. I will show you. So I was like okay, so she did and it was a horrible thing. She got my son and pulled his skin down where I could see the head. My son at the moment cried and I saw a little blood. What happened? Did she teared something? Or what is this going to scar him?? I’m so worried. I really want to know. He is not circumcised.

For many years, before modern methods had been developed, radical circumcision was the only treatment offered for tight foreskin. However, radical circumcision is now obsolete. It is more painful and has a more difficult recovery than the newer conservative treatments. Radical circumcision also destroys much functional tissue, results in severe loss of sexual sensation, and destroys normal male sexual-mechanical functioning. According to cost-benefit studies, radical circumcision is also the most expensive method of treating tight foreskin, but is still promoted by many medical doctors. Holman and Steussi provide us with an excellent description of this traditional but outmoded procedure. Choe and Kim provide a description and images of the traditional procedure.

Steroid cream foreskin toddler

steroid cream foreskin toddler


steroid cream foreskin toddlersteroid cream foreskin toddlersteroid cream foreskin toddlersteroid cream foreskin toddlersteroid cream foreskin toddler