Sediaan kortikosteroid inhalasi

Antecedentes: Los corticosteroides pueden reducir la inflamación pulmonar en los recién nacidos con displasia broncopulmonar pero pueden producir efectos adversos graves. La displasia broncopulmonar es un problema grave de los recién nacidos en las unidades de cuidados intensivos neonatales. La inflamación persistente de los pulmones es la causa más probable. Los fármacos corticosteroides se han utilizado para prevenir o tratar la displasia broncopulmonar debido a sus significativos efectos antiinflamatorios.

Two trials with 22 and 11 participants (20 with antibodies against MAG) suggest that IVIg may sometimes produce short-term measurable benefit and is relatively safe, but the benefit is of doubtful clinical significance. No severe adverse effects related to IVIg were reported in these trials. A trial of cyclophosphamide and corticosteroids showed some mild benefit. Two trials of rituximab demonstrated a positive benefit of rituximab, but this evidence was of low quality because of small numbers of participants and concerns about the design of one of the two studies. Reported adverse effects of rituximab were few, and mostly minor. Other trials did not allow us to draw conclusions about the efficacy of other agents and reported few serious adverse events. We need large, well-designed RCTs to assess the efficacy of the existing and new therapies, and better ways for doctors and researchers to detect changes that people report in response to treatments.

Efek samping yang dapat timbul diantaranya kardiovaskular [ hipertensi ortostatik, takikardia, palpitasi, aritmia], CNS [bingung, halusinasi, delusi, gugup, gelisah, agitasi, panik, insomnia, mimpi buruk, mania, pusing, lemah, kebas, disorientasi],  Kulit [ ruam,pruritus, fotosensitif, kulit kering, gatal], GU[ impotensi, disfungsi seksual, nokturia, dismenorea, amenorea, retensi urin], hematologi [depresi sumsum tulang seperti agranulositosis, eosinofil, purpura, trombositopenia, leukopenia], metabolik [peningkatan atau penurunan gula darah], lain-lain [kebas, pembesaran payudara, sindrom ekstrapiramidal]

Sediaan kortikosteroid inhalasi

sediaan kortikosteroid inhalasi


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