Rinsing mouth after corticosteroid inhaler

I have had to draw up my own game plan. I have had many fillings. I brush, use mouthwash and then back up with a Water Pik .I also follow up a couple times a week with dental floss. Until dental science comes up with a good Vaccine against Strep Mutans and a couple other bacteria.; we are all fighting a losing battle. I seems as though the dental industry and all the other adjunct industries do not want to see carries beaten. We will still have to keep using primitive methods. We seem to be able to lick a lot of other sickness but this complex one. Roger Stewart MT(ASCP)

The influence of chlorhexidine rinsing on wound healing was studied using standardized, open mucosal-osseous wounds in the left side of the palate in Wistar rats. In five test groups, each containing 10 rats, rinsing was performed twice daily for 30 sec with , and % chlorhexidine solution, chlorhexidine solution vehicle, and Ringer solution. A sixth test group (control) was not rinsed at all. Seven days postoperatively, wound healing was evaluated clinically (size of the defect) and histomorphometrically (percent composition of mature connective tissue, immature connective tissue, granulation tissue, fibrin with granulocytic infiltrate). Clinically it was clear that wound healing was best in those animals that rinsed with Ringer solution, and worst in those that rinsed with % chlorhexidine solution. Increasing concentration of chlorhexidine caused a delay in wound healing, which in the following cases resulted in significant differences: rinsing with Ringer solution and vehicle versus all concentrations of chlorhexidine, no rinsing versus % chlorhexidine. Intensive rinsing with high concentrations of chlorhexidine may, after oral surgical operations, especially surgery in which bone is exposed, result in delay and disturbance of wound healing in humans.

Rinsing mouth after corticosteroid inhaler

rinsing mouth after corticosteroid inhaler


rinsing mouth after corticosteroid inhalerrinsing mouth after corticosteroid inhalerrinsing mouth after corticosteroid inhalerrinsing mouth after corticosteroid inhalerrinsing mouth after corticosteroid inhaler