Protein powder vs steroids

Thanks for the reviews! I actually had to do my own search when I got pregnant last year because of the increase in the amount of protein I needed and the morning sickness keeping me from getting enough throughout the day. I tried vegan Lifetime, Life Basics with 22-23 g of hemp, pea, rice and chia protein and around 130 calories. It’s sweetened with stevia not sugar. It tastes pretty good, and I would actually add it into my overnight oats instead of a banana with the chia it thickened them right up. I am currently trying Sun Warrior, but have only used it in things and haven’t tried it plain.

Recap:  Whether you are trying to lose fat, build muscle, or just stay full of energy and satisfied all day, using both protein from foods and powders is beneficial.  Limit your powders to when your body needs a faster influx of amino acids like post workout, and use food as much as you can away from training.  Too many protein shakes can plateau your body fat goals in a hurry.  If you struggle getting your protein in throughout the day, you can try adding small amounts of protein supplementation to your meals or at the least try to consume some healthy fats and veggies with a protein shake ( example: a shake plus some broccoli and pasture raised butter).

Protein powder vs steroids

protein powder vs steroids


protein powder vs steroidsprotein powder vs steroidsprotein powder vs steroidsprotein powder vs steroidsprotein powder vs steroids