Naturally occurring steroids plants

Scombroid poisoning: This occurs as a result of inadequate storage conditions and temperature control of fish. It occurs when fish is not preserved by chilling on ice during transportation. Histamine accumulates in the fish and is responsible for the poisoning. Some of the susceptible fish include mackerel , herring , sardine , yellow fin tuna etc. Symptoms of scombroid poisoning begin quickly, often 30 min to 1 hour after consuming the toxin, and include nausea , vomiting , diarrhea , abdominal cramps , burning and tingling of the lips and mouth , dizziness , flushing , urticaria , sweating , headaches , blurred vision and palpitations . In severe cases, breathing difficulties can occur, especially in asthmatics.

Brasnjevic et al. [33] summarized the evidence showing that single-strand breaks accumulate with age in the brain (though accumulation differed in different regions of the brain) and that single-strand breaks are the most frequent steady-state DNA damages in the brain. As discussed above, these accumulated single-strand breaks would be expected to block transcription of genes. Consistent with this, as reviewed by Hetman et al., [34] 182 genes were identified and shown to have reduced transcription in the brains of individuals older than 72 years, compared to transcription in the brains of those less than 43 years old. When 40 particular proteins were evaluated in a muscle of rats, the majority of the proteins showed significant decreases during aging from 18 months (mature rat) to 30 months (aged rat) of age. [35]

Naturally occurring steroids plants

naturally occurring steroids plants


naturally occurring steroids plantsnaturally occurring steroids plantsnaturally occurring steroids plantsnaturally occurring steroids plantsnaturally occurring steroids plants