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Bismuth initially loved and respected Rose for encouraging her to be more than what she is supposed to be, and was a fanatical follower of her doctrine. When Rose opposed her idea of creating a weapon that would permanently destroy their enemies, gemstone and all, Bismuth lost all faith in her and the two fought, which resulted in Bismuth being poofed and stored away in Lion's Mane. Bismuth's distrust of Rose runs deep to the point where she briefly believes that "Steven" is just another one of her "lies", a false identity Rose created for herself to deceive her. Despite her disdain for Rose, Bismuth fondly recalls how she helped her foster her own identity, and helps impart that wisdom onto Steven in the hope that he may turn out better than his mother.

Great to find this recent piece on Randall. I worked at Montgomery Ward in the mid-sixties where Randall would show up to promote Billard’s golden-hued barbell sets. As an amateur lifter (former fat kid) myself, I well recall how impressive he was when standing three feet away and how surprisingly gentle his manner with others seemed to be. Many lifters–then as now–affect the “tougher than thou” demeanor and cannot seem to get their arms down to their sides. Bruce’s arms were plenty impressive, but still permitted normal posture. I have a cool 8X10 B&W photo of him one-arming a hundred-pound barbell at some kind of teen event around the same time period, mesmerizing three giggling tennaged girls and, himself, smiling a large and friendly grin. I guess he has decided to disappear and hope he is well — must be in his eighties by now…

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    Mr universe before steroids

    mr universe before steroids


    mr universe before steroidsmr universe before steroidsmr universe before steroidsmr universe before steroidsmr universe before steroids