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A crowd of about 10,000 spectators gathers at Kenguru Pro park next to the Luzhniki Olympic Complex. Bleachers surround a stage set up with an elaborate framework—monkey bars gone wild. In the first round, Ish flies high. From one explosive muscle-up on a high bar, he blasts himself backward more than 6 feet, to catch a parallel pullup bar in the crook of his knees. The force of impact carries his body into rotation around the bar, flipping him upside down. He retakes control of his torque by reaching up to grasp the bar. Then, as gravity begins to make its point, Ish begs to differ and flings both legs straight out into a back lever. In the second round, though, his creativity flatlines—his basic moves fail to impress the judges. It doesn't matter. Just to be there, he says, hanging out with so many of the world's top bar athletes, made this the best day of his life.

Hannibal barstarzz steroids

hannibal barstarzz steroids


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