Endura mass contains steroids

i’m 22 yr old height 5’9 weight 68.
2yrs earlier i used to do exercise using bumbbells pushups daily, but my weight was 57-58, i used to be slim yet muscular.
then i starting consuming endura mass (just for 2 months).i used to work out my sets in the evenings, then after workout i mix 1 spoon full of enduramass in milk with 2 banana. the result was instant. After 2 months i was 72 kg, used to hear alot of praises about my good health. Then i left taking endura mass but did my exercise regularly. but my weight was consistent after that.

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Endura mass contains steroids

endura mass contains steroids


endura mass contains steroidsendura mass contains steroidsendura mass contains steroidsendura mass contains steroidsendura mass contains steroids