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I’m curious about some of the commentators on here. Bit of background information on myself; currently started suffering with GERD for the past 3 months out of the blue. LONG TERM vegetarian for 28 years and on occasion Vegan. Granted not the best vegetarian but still heck of a long time to be one.
Interestingly enough whilst I’ve had this GERD problem, I have begun to crave meat and have been able to eat Chicken, sausages and fish and keep it all down which surprised me. I have cut out most fruit, eating good fat foods (do your research on this . raw milk, avocadoes, coconut oil, eggs, Ghee and meat etc) and ditched processed carbs such as Bread, oats, grains etc in favour of low carb vegetables. I have cut out all processed sugar and am in the process of cutting out most natural sugars.
The difference is astounding. I too have believed vegan plant based diet is the way to go, however given how much better I feel because of the drastic change in my diet and the way I feel, I suspect will never lead me to being a Vegetarian/Vegan again. I am looking at finding my meat ethically farmed (if that’s even possibly in today world??) alongside other animal products.
This aside, all the comments on here sniping at the meat eaters and how wasteful due to resources etc due to the population of the planet, how many of you have reproduced adding to the over populated world that we currently live in? (you may think this is going off topic but actually its the heart of the topic if you really think about it.)

Great read! I eat mainly tofu, beans and eggs as my protein sources (preference) but I do include some fish. Don’t eat dairy due to intolerance either. I’m currently not training due to an op but was wondering if your meal plans can be catered to the type of food I like etc? I currently need to shed body fat since my last meal plan I was given meant I kept my muscle but couldn’t shift the fat, so my legs muscles etc are just covered in fat and no definition at all. I could do with the guidence so I don’t put on weight while unable to train. Is the meal plan you do possible with no training at the moment?

Durianrider steroids thailand

durianrider steroids thailand


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