C-spine epidural steroid injections dangers

Anesthesia is used so you will feel no pain during the procedure. Anaesthesia can be
Local – where the medication is injected into the skin around the site of the surgery to numb only surrounding tissues
Regional – where the body part is anesthetized by numbing a major nerve or part of the spinal cord.
Conscious sedation – where a full anesthetic is not given, rather, medications are used to create a near-sleep relaxed state.
General – where you are rendered unconscious and temporarily paralyzed. In this instance, medication is given to you through an IV line, and machines breath for you and monitor you, along with your Anesthesiologist. Most epidural injections use a local anesthesia, so that you won’t feel pain during the procedure.

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Laminoplasty is an excellent option in lordotic spines, in younger patients, where fusion is undesirable and who can retain at least limited cervical spine mobility following the procedure. Laminoplasty techniques come from the Far East, mainly because of the high incidence of ossification of the PLL in the region. 22 There are two main laminoplasty techniques, the French door and the open door. They are technically demanding procedures which lead to significant enlargement of the cervical spine diameter. Mini-plates have been designed to support the opened laminae (Fig. 9). Laminoplasty with mini-plates has been shown to be a reliable technique in multilevel disease. 23 However, neurological recovery has been shown to be worse in patients over 75 years of age than in younger patients. 24

C-spine epidural steroid injections dangers

c-spine epidural steroid injections dangers


c-spine epidural steroid injections dangersc-spine epidural steroid injections dangersc-spine epidural steroid injections dangersc-spine epidural steroid injections dangersc-spine epidural steroid injections dangers