Anabolic designs tauro test cycle

Thankfully this product didn't make me 'ravenous' as the name suggests, however it did increase appetite slightly which I would imagine is down to the food being broken down more efficiently, I found this product made a big difference for me when eating high carb meals, I usually suffer with bloating and discomfort shortly after which limits the ammount I can consume, however this problem was completely eliminated within a few days of using ravenous. A great product for anyone needing to get extra food down in the offseason but will also have its place pre contest to help with digestion!

I`m a 45 yr old guy who has been training for 2 & 1/2 years but strength gains & bodyfat percentage have stalled so thought i would give this a shot. After 2 weeks no change and started to think i had made the wrong choice as I have previously used DAA and experienced results after this time frame but by the third week started to feel the benefit and by the fourth was making gains across all exercises in each gym session. I feel my back and shoulders in particular have filled out, legs are starting to show now though pretty well developed already due to squats and dead lifts. I have also noticed my arms have more definition since using this product. I have just started the 2nd months supply and have also invested in shredabull and will post a further review in a months time.

Anabolic designs tauro test cycle

anabolic designs tauro test cycle


anabolic designs tauro test cycleanabolic designs tauro test cycleanabolic designs tauro test cycleanabolic designs tauro test cycleanabolic designs tauro test cycle